Shopping Encore: Top Tips for Holiday Shopping Season

Crotty Chevrolet Buick teams with Buick, SheFinds Media and to offer advice

Buick Encore

Whether hitting the stores before dawn on Black Friday or scrambling to find that final gift on December 24, the Buick Encore offers Corry, Erie, Warren and Jamestownarea drivers a balance of parcel-packing efficiency and safe navigation of the ins-and-outs of mall parking spaces.

With the holiday shopping season starting earlier than ever, Buick and Crotty Chevrolet Buick are collaborating with Michelle Madhok, shopping expert and founder of; and Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at and auto expert, to help consumers conquer Black Friday, and the rest of the shopping season.

“Traditionally, Black Friday is the ultimate shopping day of the year,” said Madhok. “Those who want to save money and have a positive experience should carefully think through the day and keep some simple tips in mind.”

These tips include:

  • Aim for the big-ticket items that are highly discounted, such as electronics
  • Pass on the pricey warranty or home installation package
  • Make a list and stay focused, prioritizing the most expensive items first
  • Check specialty sites that report on all the Black Friday sales – such as and
  • Don’t waste precious shopping time circling or waiting for a choice parking spot near the mall entrance. Instead, park in aisles equidistant to several mall entrances. 

Part of the battle, for Corry, Erie, Warren and Jamestownarea shoppers, occurs even before the first dollar is even spent. Crowded, dark parking lots offer their own set of challenges. Krebs offers some safety tips before ever reaching the mall entrance.

“Bigger isn’t always better,” Krebs said. “Compact cars and SUVs, such as the Buick Encore, have a surprising amount of interior room and are agile and easier to park. The Encore’s petite dimensions pay dividends when it’s time to squeeze into undersized parking spaces.”

In addition, Krebs says Corry, Erie, Warren and Jamestownarea consumers should consider holiday shopping safety:

  • Use a cargo cover when possible to keep packages out of view
  • Leverage backup cameras and mirrors in crowded parking lots
  • Use hands-free devices to avoid distraction
  • Use a driver remote door unlock, especially if alone in a dark parking lot

“The Encore was made to give our customers the storage space they need, to accommodate the ins and outs of their everyday lives,” said John Crotty of Crotty Chevrolet Buick. “Holiday shopping is just another facet of that, and the Encore is the perfect companion for a safe and successful holiday season.”

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2013 Encore Receives IIHS, NHTSA Safety Accolades


All five models in luxury brand’s showroom now share IIHS Top Safety Pick designation

The 2013 Encore luxury small crossover brings a smaller footprint and high efficiency to the Buick showroom, but the brand’s newest model maintains the commitment to safety, joining all other current Buicks as an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2013 Top Safety Pick. The Encore with all-wheel drive also received a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score for safety from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

With every model sharing the IIHS designation, Buick is one of just a few brands with a full line of 2013 Top Safety Picks. The Verano, Regal, LaCrosse and Enclave all have a NHTSA 5-star overall rating.

The IIHS tests vehicles to determine occupant protection in front, side, and rollover crashes, and specifically tests seats and head restraints for neck protection in rear impact crashes. To earn a 2013 Top Safety Pick designation, a vehicle must be rated “good” in all four tests.

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Dealer Showrooms Next Stop for Buick Encore

Shipments begin for new luxury small crossover

2013 Buick Encore

2013 Buick Encore

The 2013 Buick Encore passed a milestone today as shipments began to dealers. Within the next few weeks, test drives will be available at Crotty Chevrolet Buick in Corry, PA and other Buick dealers around the country allowing prospective customers to experience the first luxury small crossover from Buick.

“Encore delivers Buick’s signature quiet and well-crafted luxury in a new and unexpected package,” said Robert Crotty, vice president of Crotty Chevrolet Buick. “Having vehicles on trucks and heading to dealers means we’re one step closer to letting customers experience that for themselves.”

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2013 Encore Brings Buick Refinement to Smaller Package

Technology and engineering make Encore quiet, comfortable and efficient
Buick Encore Active Noise Cancellation

When the 2013 Encore luxury small crossover arrives at Crotty Chevrolet Buick in Corry, PA in early 2013, it will feature the same quiet, comfortable, refined characteristics that define larger Buicks – the result of advanced acoustic technology and attention to detail.

 “Buick’s goal in developing Encore was two-fold – to design a vehicle that sets a refinement standard in the segment for customers who are new to Buick, and to deliver a vehicle that current Buick customers interested in downsizing can get in and feel at home,” said John Crotty, of Crotty Chevrolet Buick. “Active Noise Cancellation technology is a smart way to maximize luxury, space and efficiency together.”

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Magic Magnets Give Buick Crossovers AWD Refinement

Drivetrain technology making all-wheel drive lighter, smoother and more responsive 

2013 Buick Encore

Buick’s all-new luxury small crossover, the Encore, features an “Active On-Demand” all-wheel drive system similar to Enclave, which makes its operation imperceptible to the driver. It’s designed to give Encore the fluid drive characteristics and sure-footed traction by using a magnetic charge to engage a clutch at the rear axle preemptively when the vehicle is at rest.

When snow inevitably starts falling over the General Motors Proving Ground in Michigan this winter, Buick engineers will use the conditions to put the finishing touches on the Encore luxury small crossover. It arrives early next year at Crotty Chevrolet Buick in Corry, PA as the brand’s first entry into the burgeoning small crossover segment.

Encore’s “Active On-Demand” all-wheel drive is designed to give the vehicle the fluid drive characteristics and sure-footed traction Buick drivers expect but in a smaller, lighter package. Unlike traditional systems that engage all four drive wheels after slip is detected, Encore uses a magnetic charge to engage a clutch at the rear axle preemptively when the vehicle is at rest because slippage is most likely to occur just as the vehicle begins to move. If no slip is detected, a computer control automatically disengages the preemptive torque to the clutch once the Encore is underway, returning the system to a primarily front-drive operation.

“A Buick all-wheel drive system has to deliver the best traction possible, and it has to do it in a way that’s totally imperceptible to the driver,” said Robert Crotty of Crotty Chevrolet Buick. “Buick has engineered the Encore’s lightweight, responsive and refined system to deliver on the expectations of demanding luxury buyers.”

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2013 Buick Encore Priced at $24,950

New luxury small crossover blends safety, versatility and efficiency

 2013 Buick Encore

The new 2013 Buick Encore small luxury crossover will arrive at Crotty Chevrolet Buick in Corry, PA in the first quarter of 2013 with a suggested retail price of $24,950, including a $750 destination charge. Standard features include QuietTuning with Bose Active Noise Cancellation, 18-inch wheels, a rearview camera and a seven-inch, high-resolution, full-color display radio with IntelliLink connectivity. 

“Buick Encore is a great-looking, smart choice for those who want luxury crossover amenities in a more maneuverable and agile vehicle,” said Bill Mitchell, of Crotty Chevrolet Buick in Corry, PA. “It represents a luxury alternative for a new audience of Buick customers in Corry, Erie, Warren and Jamestown, that delivers features and flexibility not typically found in vehicles of its size today.”

Four trim levels will be available, including a base model with all of the features listed above. An Encore with the Convenience Group adds dual-zone climate control, a 120-volt outlet, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, remote start and fog lights for $25,760.

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First Look at the All-New 2013 Buick Encore

All-new luxury crossover is versatile, efficient and continues brand’s growth

2013 Buick Encore

The all-new Buick Encore will begin arriving at Crotty Chevrolet Buick in the first quarter of 2013. The Encore is a luxury small crossover that delivers Buick’s signature style, interior acoustic refinement and collection of luxury amenities in a maneuverable, versatile and efficient package.

“Buick Encore is a great-looking, smart choice for those who want luxury crossover amenities in a more maneuverable and agile vehicle,” said John Crotty, Owner of Crotty Chevrolet Buick in Corry, PA. “It represents a luxury alternative for a new audience of Buick customers in Corry, Erie, Warren and Jamestown, that delivers features and flexibility not typically found in vehicles of its size today.”

The Encore joins Verano – Buick’s third all-new sedan in three years – to round out the brand’s lineup and continues the momentum established by the Enclave crossover almost five years ago.

With room for five and up to 48.4 cubic feet (1,372 liters) of storage space (rear seat folded), the Encore offers substantial cargo capacity, along with the confident, higher driving position, all-wheel-drive capability and contemporary styling of a crossover. In fact, its cargo space compares favorably against similar-sized international competitors: 

Rear Seat in Place

Rear Seat Folded

Buick Encore

18.8 cu. ft. / 533 liters

48.4 cu. ft. / 1,372 liters


16.9 cu. ft. / 480 liters

47.4 cu. ft. / 1,350 liters

Audi Q3

16.2 cu. ft. / 460 liters

48.2 cu. ft. / 1,365 liters

Additional features include 10 standard air bags and an Ecotec 1.4L turbo four-cylinder/six-speed automatic powertrain, along with standard and available technologies such as Buick’s voice-activated IntelliLink – which uses Bluetooth or a USB to connect the driver’s smartphone to a high-resolution, full-color seven-inch LCD display radio. And because it’s a Buick, QuietTuning is standard on the Encore, which also features Buick’s first use of active noise cancellation technology.

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Buick Encore to be Most Fuel-Efficient Crossover from Domestic Automaker

Combined fuel economy beats Ford Escape, Jeep Compass

2013 Buick Encore

 The 2013 Buick Encore luxury crossover is rated at an EPA-estimated 25 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and a combined 28 mpg fuel economy with a standard six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. It will save an estimated $2,100 in fuel costs over five years of ownership compared to the average new vehicle.

Encore’s combined fuel economy is based on 45 percent highway and 55 percent city driving. It is the best fuel economy for any crossover offered by a U.S.-based automaker, and the vehicle’s EPA estimated annual fuel cost of $1,900 is the same or lower than any domestic or imported 2013 model year crossover sold in the United States.

Ford’s most-efficient crossover, the 2013 Escape, is EPA estimated at 23 city/33 highway, or a combined 26 mpg. A Jeep Compass equipped with an automatic transmission is EPA estimated at 23/28 mpg, or 25 combined.

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